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The castle itself is benevolent, as well. Many things asked for will be granted to a resident, simply by directly asking the castle aloud. Sometimes the item will just materialize nearby, and other times ghosts will deliver it.

However, the castle tends to be picky with wishes. It grants almost any wish that is harmless, necessary, or insignificant. It draws the line at items that can cause massive damage, such as explosives or destructive vehicles, but curiously, it will still give out the materials to construct such things from scratch.

The castle grants a lot of wishes, but what residents don’t know is that EVERYTHING in the castle is borrowed from elsewhere. When a resident wishes for a live animal or creature, it is actually being pulled from another world, similar to the way a resident would be –– only time isn’t stopped for them. Food, furniture, decorations, weapons, materials all work the same; the castle merely “borrows” it from another world.

Next time you lose your keys, or misplace your favorite shirt, or your cat wanders off for a bit, or even just wonder where something went, think about it.

No one has examined this phenomenon, and even if they did, they would be unable to conclude anything by it.

There is no hard and fast rule for how wished-for items will be presented to a character. Smaller items will usually appear on the closest surface or dropped from a small height into their hands. Larger items simply appear on the floor nearby. Although that isn't to say the castle could be petty and switch things up a bit.

Wishes can be made verbally, thought, or written down in the journal. Generally this has to be done purposefully but watch yourself when starting any sentence with the words "I wish..."

The guidelines for what the castle will grant to residents are as follows:

- Simple objects and items such as clothes, food, jewelry, furniture, etc. There is little limit on such items but please ask a mod before wishing for anything very large.
- Complex objects and items such as electronics and vehicles must be no larger than a motorcycle.
- Small, non-sapient living creatures, i.e. dogs, cats, birds. Creatures of higher intelligences such as Pokémon or larger animals like lions are not permitted.

If in doubt over whether the castle will grant something, ask these questions:

Does the resident intend to use it to harm others, for any reason? Castle's not down with that. Characters cannot wish for weapons of any kind.

Is it a significant personal item/pet or large vehicle? These are only granted on special occasions. Characters cannot wish for personal items or pets without gaining prior mod approval.

Can it cause massive damage? Cause your own damage. These wishes will be denied.

Does the item in question exist? If it doesn’t exist somewhere, the castle can’t obtain it.

Does it have a name? The resident has to know what they want. A vague “a metal that can’t be bent” isn’t specific enough.

Is it a specific person, type of people, or sentient being? You can't wish for people. They'll have to arrive on their own the way all residents do.