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So you're looking into applying at Paradisa, but want to know more about the game...

Paradisa is a community-based game with one community for "network" posts and one community for in-person logs. Paradisa's version of the standard jamjar network is a series of magically connected paper journals which can pick up sound and ink (though "ink" can be anything liquid; eg., blood, water, etc). Players can and do use the journal community for in-person threading, particularly if it branches off from a written or dictated journal entry.

We like keeping a location where almost anything can happen. Within reason, obviously –– when things effect our entire player-base, we do have to control when and how frequently they happen –– but we like it when our players have a lot of freedom to do what they want, and pick up who they want. Players with concrete plans to develop their characters long-term and players who just want to go with the flow are equally welcome here.

We're a good place for canon AU muses, as we allow doubles of characters from different media, as well as characters with very limited screen time. Obscure characters are welcome, too, and we accept almost any media, as long as it has a canon timeline and the characters have distinguishable personalities. Even then, very occasionally, we will allow established members to NPC other figures for a single event (ie; the Robot Unicorn from RUA.)

We have a healthy balance of different media, too; since the game's beginning, we've had thousands of characters, including a good number of book, comic, and musical characters.

Paradisa is a medium-paced game, for the most part. On your average day, things are pretty calm and relaxed, but when a big plot is introduced (generally once a month, if not slightly less) things speed up. Most plots are optional, and plots where everyone MUST be involved are seldom back-to-back. Many players are happy to backtag or backdate posts/logs.

It happens! If you don't know if you can handle the pace, give it a shot anyway. The very nature of the castle is that people come and go for various lengths of time; we've had residents stay for a few days, and we've had residents stay for well over three years. If you give it your best and at some point discover you really just cannot handle it, don't be afraid to drop. We'll miss you, but we'll understand.

See our activity requirements here.

For the most part, Paradisa is whatever you make of it. If you want to play something more slice-of-life, that element is there. There's room to play out relationships, personal drama, rivalries, making friends, learning to cook, all of that. While we're not a "crack" game, we love humour, so if you want to join just to be funny, that's cool, too. There are usually a lot of optional plots where characters can have fun, attend parties, mingle, sometimes around the castle, sometimes in other worlds, etc.

But if you're looking for something more than just life in a magic castle, there are opportunities for that, too; there's an overarching plot (dubbed "World Plot") that explores the world of Paradisa beyond the castle, and the castle's history from before the Travelers started appearing. World Plot comes in spurts, usually during expeditions, and is driven by the characters, and is particularly recommended for characters who would get "cabin fever" from typical jamjars.