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Character Updates


The following are all considered significant character events and need to be approved by a moderator or helper before they can be carried out.

● Changing a character's permanent loss or giving them an additional permanent loss.
● Characters that have not been introduced yet can have their losses and canon points changed without consequence by speaking with a mod.
[Refer to the game rules regarding loss changes.]

● Whether it's a bump forward in time or a bump back into the past, changing a character's canon point will require mod approval.
● All characters must pay a certain price in exchange for their canon bump, so please know ahead of time how you will be canon bumping your character.
[Refer to the game rules regarding canon bumps.]

● In character, it’s as easy as having your character start off with a fresh new introduction, just as you’d introduce any new character into the world of Paradisa. You may restart your character at anytime.
However, be warned that restarting a character means losing all character relations (CR) and prior knowledge of anything that has happened in the castle.
● Any loss changes or canon point changes should be mentioned and confirmed.

● Any time a character dies in Paradisa, the player must obtain permission for the death in advance.
● Any character who dies will be given a second permanent loss as a price for the castle bringing them back.
● Dead character bodies remain until the character revives, by which point the body will vanish and reappear in the character's room, where they will be resurrected.
● All consequences will be expected to be upheld. Your character will be out of play for two weeks no matter what is taking place in the game, so please plan accordingly.

● If you have restarted your character or re-applied for your character at some point, you may request to restore your character's memories of a previous stay in Paradisa.
● Only memories from your time playing the character may be restored. You cannot absorb memories made during another player's turn with the character.
● Characters will be given a second permanent loss as a price for the castle restoring their lost memories.
● There must be a catalyst of some sort. Be creative when deciding what will cause the memories to return.

If you would like to request a character update, please use the form below. All comments are screened.