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Plurk has become a prominent tool in the RP community that provides players with a convenient way to communicate with one another. However, we'd like to take this time to state Paradisa's official stance on Plurk as a means of communication.

1. Having a mod added on Plurk does not guarantee they are reading your plurks.
Paradisa consists of over one hundred players. This makes it extremely difficult to follow everyone's plurks. As such, things said only on Plurk will be missed.

2. Mods may still occasionally answer questions on Plurk, but that does not make Plurk an official venue for Paradisa.
While you are welcome to use it as a way to contact us on a personal level, keep in mind that there is still a chance that your question may be missed or overlooked, even if a mod is pinged or private plurked. Your best bet will always be contacting us on our Questions page, private messaging the mod account, or instant messaging us on AIM.

3. While plotting is obviously always permissible on Plurk, keep in mind that a plurk is not accessible to all players in the game.
We understand that not everyone follows each other, and not everyone has a Plurk account. A more successful way of plotting for an upcoming event or making an announcemnt would be to utilize the OOC community. This way your information is accessible to everyone, rather than word-of-mouth.

4. Plurk has replaced personal journals as most RPers' "homes" on the internet. As such, you cannot expect anyone's plurks to be 100% related to Paradisa.
Plurk is convenient, but it is not strictly for roleplaying. Don't be surprised to see plurks from others about what they ate for breakfast or how much homework they have to do.

4a. As Plurk has replaced personal journals, staff members will treat them as such with regards to private content.
We will treat the content of private plurks as we would a private journal entry, and ask that such content is not brought to us for use against another player.

5. Staff members are not "Paradisa mods" on Plurk -- they are RPers who happen to moderate the game.
Mods and helpers may make game-related plurks on occasion, but if you are looking for any official announcements, they will always be made on the OOC comm. Links to official announcements will be made on [ profile] paradisarp but this will not replace the OOC comm for information.

6. Mods and helpers do not have any authority to police what goes on over Plurk. However, just because they have no authority to police Plurk does not mean you should act disorderly or rude to another player.
We expect players to treat each other with respect no matter the medium. This should go without saying.