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The First Masquerade
A Masquerade took place in the castle, accompanied by a feast.

Menos Grande
A fifty-story demon appeared, and residents worked together to bring it down.

Akuma Invasion
A variety of akuma invaded and the residents fought them off.

Duck Pond Wars Part I
Duck, duck, doom. There was a territorial battle over the Duck Pond.

April Fools'
Everyone goes mute!

101 Dalmatians
101 Dalmatians showed up in Paradisa, and they all found homes with residents and cityfolk.

The Lost Week
A week in Paradisa that no one remembers; seasons changed rapidly and all losses came back...

Silent Hill
Residents found themselves in the world of Silent Hill. Horror ensued.

Residents celebrated Halloween by putting on their costumes, only to turn into whatever they were dressed up as!

The Jungle
Residents found themselves in a temple in the Congo.

A pair of residents had a loss that turned them into biological infections, and they worked together to infect

Residents were introduced to an aggressive, flying breed of mistletoe that forced any underneath it to kiss each other. Emphasis on "forced".

The Yule Ball


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
The castle was turned into Hogwarts, and the residents sorted into one of four Houses. Each person awoke with a wand and the basic knowledge of how to use it, as well as the knowledge of other magical things they never knew about before. The Houses teamed up and challenged each other in a Quidditch tournament, a Basilisk was found in the castle after Petrifying a few residents, and Dementors invaded the castle for a few days.

All of the residents' deeds done in Paradisa were paid back to them in full. If they were bad, nothing good could happen to them, and nothing bad could happen to them if they were good. Residents also found that they would receive something good if they had been good, and something bad if they would bad. A Tonberry roamed around to prevent any uncouth godmod fights between residents.

Parenting Exercise
The castle was kind enough to pair up a lot of the residents and give them a baby with their shared likeness. For a week, residents suffered through taking care of babies; the castle wouldn't let them eat until the babies ate, slept until the babies were changed, or have even a moment's peace as long as the child needed something. The babies were impervious to harm, too, protecting them from any impatient or dangerous residents. When they left, the residents were either pleased to get a break, or upset that the castle would just create life and take it away just like that...

April Fools
Hearts became contagious. If a resident was infected by this disease they would end each sentence with a heart whether they wanted to or not. ♥

Residents found themselves in the village of Konoha. Ninja adventures followed.

Paradisa Town (Animal Crossing)
Residents woke up that night on a strange train, all dressed in cartoony leggings, shorts, t-shirts and sundresses, and without their powers. They arrived in Paradisa Town and were welcomed by Tortimer, an elderly tortoise, who was also mayor of the town. Paradisa Town was childish, made up entirely of brightly coloured buildings and goofy trees and flowers; a perfect children's world, inhabited by cute little squeaky-voiced animal-people with huge heads. All the residents moved into extremely tiny little houses, sometimes four to a house, and were forced to eke out an existence doing relaxing things like interior decorating, fishing, playing ball, bug catching and gardening. They weren't allowed to swear or be crude, and the only things to eat were peaches and fish. For some reason, people were relieved to get home.

Nelo Angelo
A resident turned into his future self, Nelo Angelo. During the loss, he furiously tried to get out of Paradisa at whatever cost, and he laid siege to Paradisa at large, bringing destruction upon everything in his path. Residents recognized they could not beat him, so they banded together to save the townspeople and themselves, until Nelo Angelo was brought down.

Heartless Attack
Sora returns after being killed, and he returns as a Heartless, leading an army. The residents work together to fight them off, and eventually seal Paradisa's Keyhole, returning the world to normalcy.

A carnival appeared outside of the city for a few days. Some residents opened up stands and earned some money, while others spent their time enjoying the various games and rides the carnival had to offer.

Broken Filters
For a week, all filters broke. Caught entirely off guard, many people had secrets or concerns spilled, but people found out very quickly what was going on, leading to an awkward spell where people avoided the journals.

For a week, all doors disappeared, and residents' dreams came alive in their rooms, meaning anyone could walk in and out of other people's dreams at their leisure. Some dreams (or nightmares) stayed all week, while others changed or evolved at random. The ballroom was a sky full of clouds to sleep on, a sleepover for anyone with a room that didn't allow a comfortable sleep.

Paradisa Party (Mario Party)
The upper floors turned into a game of Mario Party, complete with dice-rolling to move and mini-games, while the lower floors turned into a go-karting racetrack. Dorms were provided for the residents, divided by gender, and those dorms and the kitchens were the only safe-haven from the madness.

A big synchronized Thriller dance broke out, and no one really understood why.

New York City
Residents woke up to find themselves living in New York City in November of 2008, during the Presidential elections. All residents were given homes and jobs in order to pay rent and for any other needs they might have. Two residents [[Nathan Petrelli and [[Sixth Master|Harold Saxon ran for office with the residents of Paradisa voting declaring Nathan as the President Elect. As time progressed the weather grew more grim, shifting rapidly from crisp fall days to blizzard conditions, then a heat wave which melted all the snow. All of the extra water caused flooding, and eventually a tidal wave occurred which washed away the New York City surroundings and brought the castle back to it's prior state.

Mirror World
The castle underwent a shift in reality where some residents were suddenly their complete opposite. Complete with manufactured memories of how they had been living in this way since as far back as they could recall. Not all residents were affected by this which made it more difficult/entertaining to see those that were affected acting out of the ordinary. At the end of the week everyone was restored to normal, and those affected had a very hazy recollection of the details of their behavior.

Residents were introduced to a docile, sneaky type of wreath that forced any residents near it to kiss each other. Still more emphasis on "forced".

The Christmas Masquerade
There was a masquerade in the ballroom. All residents were invited to attend, but were only allowed in if they were wearing the proper attire.


New Years
The world finally allowed more residents to pass the barriers around the castle. Before, most residents had been trapped in the inner ring, and those allowed outside of it had been rather mute about being able to go further. Exploration begins.

GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL. Residents found themselves in a new world, and given strange creatures with which they were encouraged to fight each other with. Many stayed with the residents after everything returned to normal.

Valentine's Day
Little hearts appeared above people's heads, the colours of which betrayed their true feelings towards those they came into contact with.

The area surrounding the castle became space, trapping people within. A creepy marker showed up, and some residents began to worship it, sacrificing other residents for it. Necromorphs stalked the castle, making the residents have to constantly battle for their lives.

March Madness
24 hour bouts of madness sprouted up throughout the month, including toothaches, rubber bands and a day devoted entirely to the women.
Share A Smile Day
National Poundcake Day
Nametag Day
Dentist Day
International Women's Day
Barbie's Birthday
Girls Scouts Day
Pi Day
True Confessions Day
Rubber Bands Day
St. Patrick's Day
First Walk In Space
Proposal Day/Big Bird's Birthday
National Teenagers Day
National Goof Off Day
Harry Houdini's Birthday
Artists Day
Red Cross Day
Alaska Was Purchased

April Fool's
Everybody suddenly felt the urge to sing.

Jurassic Park
Residents found themselves in Jurassic Park, a wildlife park with one hell of a difference. Dinosaur attacks and trying to stay alive became the flavour of the trip.

Tribble Day
Residents found themselves inundated with adorable fluffy creatures.

Another exercise in parenting for the residents.

Wild Wild West
The castle changed into two frontier towns and surrounding farmlands as the world took on a Western feel. Residents learned to survive in these harsh conditions, deal with a tornado and got into a gunfight. Miss Reno Browne appeared for the first time.

Characters made wishes as the castle celebrated Tanabata, unfortunately all wishes were twisted into something the residents definately DIDN'T want.

Mass Murder Plot
A seemingly unstoppable force, called himself 'Doctor Cabot' stalked the halls, murdering large numbers of residents in the process.

Bachelor Auction
A bachelor auction was hosted, giving dates to the highest bidders.

Residents got mass amnesia, their memories scattered through the castle as pictures, videos and other mementos for others to find, as they attempted to piece together who they were.

Pirate Day
Residents suddenly felt very piratey, taking part in scurvy activities and attempting to build a boat.

World Plot Update
The barrier boundaries were changed by Raine.

The castle had a re-design, forcing neighbours on the same floor to become room-mates with each other. Many bonding exercises were provided.

The castle's decorations for Halloween become steadily creepier and more by the day, until all hell breaks loose and monsters attack.

The Dating Game
The Joker sets up his own gameshow, broadcast to all, with extra hostages!

Winter Wonderland
Paradisa begins to prepare for the holidays, residents receive advent calendars, and a general feeling of home is in the air.

Home For The Holidays
The castle continues to make residents feel like they're at home, and gives them all a small gift from home to make the message clearer.

Baby, It's Cold Outside
More feelings and whisperings that Paradisa is their home are put to the residents, as the castle is decorated with moving, beautiful lights.

Last Christmas
Snowmen come to life as the castle continues it's doting upon the residents, inviting them to a Christmas ball.

Plenty Implied/If You Died
Suddenly, the warm feelings of home are gone. Decorations look faded, and the temperate drops.

Bachelorette Auction
A Bacherlorette auction is hosted!.

Silver Bells
The silver bells decorating the castle bring on the traditional enforced kissing.


New Year's
As the clock struck midnight, the castle gave residents a disturbing message.

Home Sweet Home
More powerful residents began to leave the castle for the town, believing that was where they belonged. The residents left behind attacked Cair Paradisa itself in order to return their friends to normal.

The Joker held a ball to save orphans...from explosives.

Valentine's Day
Armed with real Cupids Arrows, the residents began spreading the love around, either accidentally or on purpose.

L. A.
Paradisa was transformed into modern-day Los Angeles, where the residents proceeded to try to act semi-normal for two weeks.

April Fools
Once again, the castle was infected by singing.

Doctor Fog
An expedition brought the wrath of a bird-faced doctor, as well as many other spooky goings on.

Residents received their own children to take care of for a week.

Riful's Crib
Several residents were kidnapped by Riful in an attempt to gain allies. Other residents banded together to rescue them.

Another expedition revealed a family of royal spider-creatures, and the residents involved found themselves embroiled in the arachnids own dispute.

Paradisa transformed into a medieval castle and town, and characters endured brutal demon attacks amongst other horrific events. Griffith saved the day ... or did he?

The Lost Room.
Residents exploring Insolitus came across a room filled with unusual objects.

Some residents were trapped inside a building for a few days, during which they competed and participated in a lot of EXTREEEEMEEEE things, mostly involving foam, athletics, roller coasters, dinosaurs and silly code names.

Summer Festival.
City Royale held a summer festival, full of fun and games for all.

Back To School
Residents became teenagers or teachers in Paradisa High. They attended classes or chose to skip all together. Everything soon turned sour when the alien brain slugs showed up, though.

Midnight Game
Bernkastel and Lambdadelta had some fun with a small group of residents. The screaming kind of fun.

Día de los Muertos
The Castle celebrates The Day of the Dead. Residents who had died found themselves sporting colourful face paint, and the ghosts of the deceased appeared to offer comfort to those who loved them. The cemetery appeared and became a permanent fixture in the grounds.

Mineas Well Expedition
Residents travels to Mineas Well, where they met an ally in Flora and her bipedal cat Goldfleck, as well as finding the former resident, Zexion. Residents defended Flora's home from a siege by the First Gens, and were offered a teleport system in return.

Bachlorette Auction
Another auction for the lovely ladies of Paradisa.

Winter 2010
Another Christmas in Paradisa. This time saw residents in Victorian garb, a battle between tin soldiers and mice, and dreams of much better times. As well as the traditional kissing, gifts from the castle and New Years Eve drunkenness, of course.


Lois Lane is possessed by the Goddess Isis, who decides to attempt to resurrect her lover by sacrificing various residents. As always, residents had to rally to stop the threat until Isis was defeated and Lois returned to normal.

Looking for some fun, Eris influenced various residents to exhibit their major negative personality flaw over all others. Without inhibitions or reservations, chaos certainly did reign.

This Valentines brought little candy hearts to the castle. LOTS of little candy hearts, eating one made residents carry out whatever message was upon the heart towards the first person they laid eyes on. Shenanigans followed.

Slenderman | IC Records
A mysterious creature which only the younger residents could see began kidnapping the children of the castle. It was up to the adults to gather evidence in an attempt to save the children before it was too late.

Festa della Primavera
The city welcomed spring, with delicious food and beautiful flowers for everyone to enjoy.

April Fools
Another year, more random singing and dancing.

Residents were inundated with little plastic eggs, filled with either chocolate or confetti.

Comic Book
Residents either found themselves living in a comic book, where their thoughts appeared over their heads as thought bubbles, and everything had cheesy sound effects, or were in a diner, reading aforementioned comic book.

The babies and toddlers once again returned to the castle.

Vampires vs Humans
Select residents believed they were part of the Trinity Blood universe, and so took opposing sides in a vampires vs humans war.

Lente’s Point Expedition
Taking to travelling once more, residents saw more Paradisa flora and fauna, and met Lente, who offered the females sanctuary, as well as a new map of the area.

Residents took to an adventure on the high seas, on one of three different routes, or as part of a navy after the cutthroat pirate scourges.

Vampire Diaries Mini Plot
Damon began attacking residents, making the blame fall on another vampire, Angel. Residents raced to uncover the truth.

Host Club Anniversary
To celebrate a year of the current Host Club in Paradisa, residents were treated to uniforms, screaming fangirls and banana skins.

Commanded by Riful, the villains of Paradisa launch an attack on the other residents in an attempt to take control of the castle.

The force which automatically translated everything into the Paradisan language got turned off, leaving residents only able to speak their own home languages. Communication issues galore!

Kids Turned Bad
A group of kids in the castle suddenly begin acting like delinquents.

Residents rooms changed to echo the minds of their inhabitants.

Ice Cream
A mysterious ice cream vendor appeared, offering ice creams with flavours based on the residents of the castle.

Massive piles of leaves littered the castle grounds, and the residents found themselves locked out of the castle while it renovated itself.

Paradisa Scouts
The Rock Star Meteor Shower appeared over Paradisa, turning some residents into the daring Sailor Scouts, destined to protect Paradisa from the equally changed residents, the Heavy Metal Fiends.

Cair Paradisa and the City Royale celebrated the holiday of Diwali in style. Beautiful clothes and gifts for friends were seen everywhere.

Bonfire Night
Paradisa gave residents the means to build their own Guys and bonfires ready for the 5th of November.

Libet Expedition
Another expedition led to a tomb full of traps and puzzle solving for exploring residents.

Speed Dating
Harmony and Cupid host a speed dating night for residents to find some love.

Paradisa becomes modern-day Paris for the holidays, and some familiar past residents appear. With their memories in tact.


Friday the 13th
Paradisa experiences a blackout, along with creepy noises and sights.

Lunar Festival
The castle and town celebrate the Lunar Festival, complete with appearances from Elders from various worlds.

Residents find themselves locked in rooms in pairs, while the castle encouraged romantic actions with what it did or did not give them. Other residents were forced to camp out together in the ballroom and engage in group activities.

Winter Wrap-Up
In order to bring upon Spring, residents were forced to band together and wrap-up winter.

Pandora's Box
A deadly beast (or a space lobster, whatever) stalked the castle, attacking residents and knocking them unconscious.

A flash flood brings the residents to Castelia City, returning to the land of the Pokémon. Once again, old residents, reapear and slowly regain their memories of being in the castle.

Peep Invasion
Sentient Peeps invade the castle, multiplying and determined to claim it as their own.

Magical Library Week
The books in the library suddenly become more hazardous to read, things coming out of them, depending on the subject of the book. Sea monsters, costume changes and excess plantlife ran rampant.

Fairy Tales
Residents who were close to each other found themselves separated as 'Princes' and 'Princesses' or fairy tale lore. In order to save their Princesses from the witch, the Princes needed to band together to create the Golden Egg, while the Princesses faced challenges of a more riddle-based nature.

Boot Camp
Allyene took several residents out to the woods in order to learn basic survival skills.

Home Economics
Some residents found themselves locked in a room and expected to complete a set of home economics tasks.

Baby Plot
Once again the babies returned, only this time the residents got a glimpse of where they go to when they are not in the castle.

A group of residents vanish into another world, only able to communicate with the rest of the castle via a Very Useful Book.

Camp Half Blood
Residents arrive in Camp Half Blood, split into different cabins and having to learn the lessons of young demi gods.

Lux Noir
The Lux transforms into a scene from the 40s to celebrate Steve Rodger's birthday.

The castle begins to make residents pay for their wishes, with anything from a mild headache to a new permanent loss.

Family Reunion
The residents became one extended family, having a giant vacation together. Many shenanigans ensued.

A Carnival appears in town, giving everyone a break with fun, games and food.

Lastlook Expedition
Residents travelled to Lastlook, finding giant birds, and a mysterious cave warning of a dangerous disease.

The Brunch Gang
A group of residents are trapped as teenagers in detention.

Masquerade Party
Fairies come to the castle, preparing it for a masquerade party, and a little trouble for the residents.

Residents within the castle drop into a deep sleep, where their worse memories come back as nightmares, which other residents were free to wander into.

My Little Paradisa
A book sucks some residents into the magical land of Equestria, where they instantly became multi colour ponies.

The Cat With Hands
A cat appears in Paradisa. A body parts stealing cat. You know, like you have.

Residents who eat candy are reverted to children for a night of trick or treating.

Residents once again return to that wacky Ninja world, just in time for a war!
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Seven Deadly Sins
The warning from Lastlook is made clear, as residents fall ill with a virus which makes them indulge in the sin they represent most, linking back to another castle in the world.

The kissing tradition continues

Ice Ice Baby
The castle transforms into an ice hotel, complete with penguin bellhops.

Feast Of Fools
The Queen of Fools arrives for her coronation, while imposters of residents run amok, the originals trapped within mirrors.


Residents find themselves in the magical world of Wonderland, where some residents are very familiar.


Valentines Chocolates
All residents were given a box of chocolates and a slice of cake. Both foodstuffs had various effects after they were eaten. Shenanigans ensued.

Broken Filters
For four days, the journal filters broke, allowing any conversation made in them visible to everyone in the castle.


Holly Peaks Retirement Home
Residents found themselves as either staff, residents or visitors at the Holly Peaks Retirement Home. Some were even aged to look the part. Activities included a slow but daring breakout and a thrilling game of bingo.

Pi(e) Day
The castle went a little pie crazy, all wished food was PIE and certain non-food items wished for appeared baked into pies. Lloyd was the happiest person in the world.

Space Olympics
Some residents found themselves inducted into the Space Olympics, where they had to suffer terrible food, even more terrible accommodation and ended the trip with an alien attack made up of deluded residents.


An Earthquake caused by an unknown falling object caused a mass earthquake. The town was badly damaged, and the quake revealed some interesting new things about Insolitus...

Residents awoke to find their deepest regrets, their most greatest shames, shown for all the world to see. Smudges, bloodstains and other marks were found on them, and only disappeared when a herd of friendly elephants (and some handy water balloons and super soakers) showed up.

Terre Haute Expedition
Residents headed towards Terre Haute, to discover what caused the earthquake. They find a group of eccentric giraffes, along with a crashed spaceship and the ruins of one of the first gen camps. The ship held creatures called 'Collectors', introducing a new threat to the world.


May Day
Anne held a May Day masquerade ball, where lots of dancing and revelry was had.

Event Horizon
Residents found themselves split between two ships. The folks on the Lewis and Clarke were on a race against the clock to save the residents on the Event Horizon from a dark evil polluting their minds. Many did not make it.

Baby Plot Rides Again
As with all previous plots, residents awoke to find themselves with their own baby to take care of. Not only that, but they found themselves staying in the luxury family resort, Sunny Skies Family Retreat.


Steampunk Race Again
York held a race for budding inventors to design vehicles capable of travelling the dead zone. North won, creating a fleet of steam powered sleds to be used whenever required.

Lost World
Residents found themselves on Isla Sorna, surrounded by those happy genetically modified dinosaurs again and two very different ideas in how to deal with them.


Paradisa treated the residents to a fireworks show.

Residents found themselves stuck in terrible, terrible cosplays of other residents in the castle.

Residents found themselves in 1980's Tokyo, where they got to enjoy the city and all it has to offer in an eighties-tastic way. Some residents even got to fight an indestructible bio-weapon from space.


A return to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Residents attended classes, went to Hogsmeade and got to deal with a dragon.


Residents return to the western towns, responding to a distress call. They make themselves some new allies, and learn more about the world of Nostos in the process.

Dapper ghouls stalked the streets, taking hearts and voices. Residents found their strength at the last minute and drove them off.


Felix's Folly
A resident emerged from a magic ritual without his sanity.

The Ring
The One Ring left its owner and circulated among other residents.

The castle provided its subjects with costumes—whether they wanted them or not. Residents without costumes (or formal attire) were not allowed into the Halloween Ball the castle threw.


The castle renovated itself (again), kicking everyone out and temporarily replacing their nameplates with phrases that may or may not have been descriptive to residents' personalities.

Residents found themselves in Florence circa 1498, during the Bonfires of the Vanities.


Return of Kissmas: Kissmas Harder
The castle's forced kissing traditions continue. This year the classic mistletoe was the culprit.

A Very Stepford Christmas
Residents found themselves in a very suburban, very 1950s neighborhood for Christmas. Some had false memories, some didn't, and some found themselves in very interesting living arrangements.



Happy New Year!
As usual, the castle celebrated the new year by turning every liquid into liquor. Have fun.

The Infected
A monstrous, humanoid fungus creature stalked the halls. Some died, some were injured, and some were heroes.

Guo Nian
Paradisa celebrated the Lunar New Year. Some were compelled to settle debts or decorate the castle.


Fantasy Hotel
Residents' rooms changed to reflect their deepest fantasies (or not).

Sleeping Plague
Asleep and dreaming, something stirred within the heart of the castle.


Soft Reboot
Upon awaking, residents found the castle and the City Royale altered, perhaps permanently.

The ten residents who had been prisoners of Paradisa for the longest spent some quality time together.


Residents were compelled to play pranks on one another.

Round and round and round. Come into the spiral.


May Day
Anne Boleyn hosts a May Day celebration.

Little treasures or massive monsters? That's up to you.

A game for those who wish to find, a way to leave their world behind. You roll the dice to move your token.


Christmas in June
The castle suddenly decorates itself to celebrate Christmas six months early. (Or repeats itself six months late?) There's snow everywhere and maybe even the return of that pesky mistletoe.


Welcome to Paradisa
Don't you forget about me.


Make A Friend: An IC Meme
It seems the castle thinks some of you could get to know each other a little better.

Heat Wave
Putting all of your coping mechanisms to the test.

Evil is coming to Paradisa.