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Found on the bottom floor of the Ira Tower, the clinic is the go-to place for all your medical needs. Run entirely by castle residents, it's always in need of volunteers as people arrive and leave the castle. A mixture of both magical and non-magical healing can be found here, and there are fully stocked bloodbanks for any vampires who wish to use them.


1. Big brown patch. Edited version of clinic as it is now. Beds with curtains, lots of drawers with all the things one might need, a bathroom here and there. Now with the added bonus of 4 clinic rooms for diagnostic/testing purposes when a closed door is preferable + a blood bank for all the vampires.
2. Two operating rooms with attached recovery room. Your character has a compound fracture in their arm? Congratulations, they get surgery in the brand new, shiny OR. 8D
3. Big radiography room (with warnings posted everywhere going "CAUTION. RADIATION."), subdivided into rooms housing the most common imaging techniques.
4. Laboratory adjacent to radiography lab in order to run all those lovely tests. Stocked with centrifuge, microscopes, and all that fun stuff. Should also come equipped with furnace in order to be safely rid of all the samples.
5. The office/lounge houses both paperwork and entertainment for the staff (okay House took it over and bitches when people invade his inner sanctum). All the forms, books, articles, computer PLUS a wide-screen TV, a Wii, Playstation and whatever else House decides to wish up for himself while he's bored out of his mind and avoiding patients. There is also a big table with seats for the clinic staff in case of any meetings, a dry-erase board, a kitchenette for those who don't like to wish for food and a bed for whoever's pulling the graveyard shift.
6. Isolation rooms do just what their name implies. Isolate. They can isolate the world from the patient or the patient from the world. Everything, from air to temperature, is regulated. For the purposes here, I wanted to ask if they could be reinforced. That way if somebody starts losing it for whatever reason, one option is to keep them in there while the fit passes.They have all they may need, plus 24-hr observation and medical assistance just outside the door. Obviously it's up to the player if they choose to go this route, but the option is there.

Current staffing

The clinic is staffed and run entirely by castle residents. If you ever wish to have your character work in the clinic, simply wait for a recruitment post, or have your character enquire about it. More staff are always welcomed.


Duke Pantarei | [personal profile] radiantwingedone
What do they want to do?: volunteer / healer / vet : prefers to heal non-humans, but fine with anything.
How do they do their healing?: magic and basic battlefield patching up.
Would they be willing to guard medics/clinic folks during world changes?: Duke is, while blind, fairly capable as a fighter. If he has his powers o a change, he simply needs a guide for aim.
Do they know first aid/are willing to learn it? OR willing to teach it? Yes. He can attempt to teach people, his sort of magic is a learned thing.

Galadriel | [personal profile] inafadingcrown
What do they do?: Healer
How do they do their healing?: Herbs and the like and elfy- magic...stuff. Tolkien is vague, okay?
Do they know first aid/are willing to learn it? OR willing to teach it? Knows first aid (except modernish techniques like CPR) and willing to teach

Vanyel Ashkevron | [personal profile] peacockherald
What do they want to do?: Volunteer Medic (Part-Time I guess?)
How do they do their healing?: Partly magic as he has the Healing Gift, but he also knows basic field setting styles and basic herbs and poultices he learned from Healers
Would they be willing to guard medics/clinic folks during world changes?: Yes
If other job, what are they doing! He can clean and make up the poultices before hand and is also willing to be someone patients can talk to (mini-therapist, I guess?)
Do they know first aide/are willing to learn it? OR willing to teach it? Yes to both

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If your character works in the clinic, please fill in this form and reply to this comment for your character to be added to the list.