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Code of Conduct
Activity Requirements
Application Rules
Character Rules
- Canon Bumps
- Losses
- Dropping a Character

  • Show good sportsmanship and always assume good faith.
  • Do not godmode or dictate how people play their characters.
  • Be open to collaboration and discussion.
  • Respect source material and characterizations.
  • Be a good ambassador for Paradisa, to both current players and prospective players.
  • Strive to maintain an acceptable standard of quality. While Paradisa is not intended to be a writing workshop, the written word is the foundation of what we are doing.

Understand that being in the game is a privilege, not a right. Players who disregard the code of conduct may be spoken to about their behaviour. Players who demonstrate persistent rudeness or a lack of co-operation may be told to leave.


As of 09/30/14 the requirements for activity have changed. Please review the changes below!

Paradisa requires one proof of activity per month.

Either One post in the journal or logs community


A cumulative total of 15 comments made by your character will equal 1 proof of activity. We will not require a certain number of comments to be attained in any single thread, so you may provide multiple threads. However, we will not consider threads in which your character only commented once.

(In an instance where 2 proofs are required, a cumulative total of 30 comments made by your character will equal 2 proofs of activity.)

Strike System

Paradisa currently employs a three strike system. If any character accumulates three strikes in a nine month period, that character will be swept from the game. Each instance you must request additional threads for a character is referred to as a "strike".

Journal Posts and Logs
  • A journal or log post may be open to all characters or closed to a specific person or group of people.
  • In an open post or log, Character A makes a post and invites anyone to interact with them. This would count as 1 proof of activity for Character A. Any other characters that comment to this post or log would be able to use that thread as part of their cumulative thread counts, but the post itself would not count as 1 proof for them.
    In a closed post or log, Character A, Character B, and Character C sit down to have a discussion/dinner party/hanky panky shenanigans. Because this is a pre-planned event specifically between the three characters and only the three characters, each would be able to count this as 1 proof of activity.

  • In lieu of making a post, you can provide several threads from other people's posts.

What won't count
  • Single comment threads on posts or logs.
  • Private only threads or logs

Hiatus Excemptions
  • If you've been on hiatus for the entire month, you are excused from activity check entirely.
  • Characters introduced into the game after the fifteenth (15th) of a month are excused from the activity check for that month.

Please keep in mind that activity check is not a punishment!
We realize that people prefer to tag out into other posts rather than make their own. Being on the list for additional threads is just another way for you to present your activity.

What do the mods and helpers do during the check?
The mod(s) will check the character tags in the main community and the logs community. This is why it is very important that you tag your own entries. The mods then check the hiatus post and pass anyone who may be exempt from activity or who may have reduced activity requirements.

Any character that has not madea post to the main community or log community will be required to supply additional threads.

When are activity checks performed?
Activity check is performed on the first (1st) of the following month. The list of characters requiring additional threads will go up within the first week of the new month, and players have seven (7) days to supply additional threads. Any characters that do not supply additional threads will then be moved to the Sweep List and removed from the game.

I lost my character. Can I have them back?
If your character is swept from the game, the player must wait 60 days before reapplying. However, we reserve the right to decline the application if there is reason to believe activity will not improve.

If you have any questions regarding our activity guidelines, please feel free to contact a staff member and we will be happy to help provide clarification.

  • There is a character limit of four per person.
  • You must provide us with a valid, functioning email address for ease of contact.
  • If you do not have a personal Dreamwidth account, a Plurk address will suffice.
  • Do not use samples from AU settings in your application.
  • Characters must come from a published "canon" with adequate characterization and a noticeable timeline.
  • Canon alternate-universe duplicates of characters will be allowed only if there is a significant difference between the characters. If you have any concerns, please email the mods.
  • Characters with history in other games may be ported over to Paradisa with their memories intact, but will be required to write an additional paragraph on how their time in that game has impacted them.
  • Historical or mythological characters must be applied under the context of a specific canon. We also reserve the right to deny historical personages who may cause controversy or upset amongst our players.


  • Characters who do not appear in canon or rely exclusively on "fanon."
  • Characters whose canon is not published nor made public yet.
  • "Real person" characters from after 1950, out of respect for the living (or recently deceased.)
  • Original characters

  • Doubles are not permitted. Paradisa allows only one incarnation of a character at any time.
  • Characters can not retain any belongings or cross-canon skills that were obtained in their previous game. Example: Sam Winchester might have learned how to walk on ceilings from Naruto, but that ability would not carry over into Paradisa. Previous-game-specific items are also not allowed.
  • Characters that obtained AU backgrounds and/or personalities as a requirement for their previous game are not allowed. Paradisa does not allow fan-made versions of canon characters.

There are no official limitations on how many characters per fandom one is allowed to play. Moderators reserve the right to decline characters who would (or should) reasonably interact with each other.

If your character has no visual appearance for icons, you may use a "Played By" (PB). We do not police PB use or icon use, though we request people not use icons featuring R-rated content unless the thread is clearly marked with warning.

When a character is applied for and accepted into the game, they arrive from a certain point in their canon's timeline. A canon bump is when a character is updated or "bumped" to a further point in canon. We allow players to canon bump characters if they choose; perhaps they wish their character to have knowledge of future events, or new content has been released that affects the character.

To change a canon point, a character must either:
  • Die
  • Suffer a severe temporary loss
  • Be knocked unconscious for a minimum of one week

All canon bumps require mod approval, no matter how big or small, and must be requested on the character update page. You must wait until you receive a reply before bumping your character. If you do not wait for approval, you will receive a warning and it may result in a decline of your request.

It is considered polite to contact any cast mates or close CR in case the bump affects them in any way. However, it is not required that you seek their approval, and mods cannot and will not punish a player for this.

The main section detailing information about permanent and temporary losses can be found on this page. To change a permanent loss, or gain an additional one, a character must either:
  • Die
  • Suffer a severe temporary loss
  • Be knocked unconscious for several days

Please post to the character update page with your proposed changes and plan of action and wait for mod approval.

When you drop a character, you must reply to the dropped character post. It is also polite to post a notice to [community profile] paradisaooc to inform other players that you are leaving.

IC, the character will vanish from the castle, as will the nameplate on their door. Their room will return to the standard castle appearance.


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us on our questions page.