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Though characters can't surf modern-day Earth's internet in Paradisa, residents have put together CastleNet, its own intranet. The wireless network covers the Castle and the immediate surrounding grounds; there is no signal in the city nor beyond Paradisa's borders.


To carry out his duty of making everyone's lives miserable with the least effort possible, A. J. Crowley has added a few annoying, frustrating, and addictive games onto CastleNet. They are endless timewasters and designed solely to annoy people. They are as follows:
  • Cyborg Pegasus (Robot Unicorn)
  • Epidemic!!! (Pandemic 2)
  • Teamwork! (Swedish team game)
  • Don't Let the Cute Bunny Blow Up (Zoo Escape)
  • The Running Game (QWOP)
  • Nyan Cat
  • Cut the Rope
  • Save the World!! (Boxspin)
  • The Useless CastleNet
  • Circle the Cat
  • Cookie Clicker

    Web hosting
    There is a rudimentary FTP server for characters who are tech-savvy enough to use it. They can use this to host vanity sites, informative pages, diaries, etc. Coding will need to be done by hand, as there are no templates or page creator.

  • How To Use The Mouse Tutorial
  • The Starchart

    Courtesy a past resident's cell tower, Paradisa has limited cell-phone service within the castle. Given that the journals generally cover most mobile communication in the castle, residents who wish up cell-phones are generally just people who are annoyed that the journal doesn't have a ring tone.


    If your character adds any new games, web pages, or services to CastleNet, fill out the handy form below! (But please, try to be at least somewhat realistic when it comes to what your character would be able to do. This isn't going to be heavily policed and you won't be required to provide proof that your character has the skills to work code, but if your medieval character who's been in the game for a week is suddenly creating websites up the wazoo, we might contact you to ask what's up.)