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Prior to the discovery of the Atlas Map, current-generation residents had known only a crude and old map in the General's Tower. This map was later replaced by the discovery of the Old Map, which was embellished by Lente when the residents visited her at Lente's Point. However, these previous maps grew inadequate as the residents continued to journey out beyond the castle's borders: there was need of a more geographically-accurate map, rather than a map laid out by conflicting accounts of borders and local geographies.

Fortunately, they acquired the Atlas Map.

Armed with new information about the region and its geography, the residents continued making plans for later expeditions, to uncover more about the continent's unexplored and unknown locales.

With desert to the West and thick forest to the East and a large waterway directly down its centre, the North has a broad range of different terrains stretched over its six regions. It is also home to not one but two castles.

The Glass Empire is a region mostly comprised of desert. Rolling dunes of sand stretch through much of the region, with a number of flat plateaus. These plateaus are so smooth that the horizon is a completely straight line fading into the distance, as though there is an edge of the world to fall off. Due to the immense lack of unique geographical details, it is extremely easy to get lost, with nothing around but sand for miles.

The ruins of Libet lay nestled under a chain of mountains in the Cinderbreach, a region that is arid and volcanic near the mountains and hilly just above. The land is scarred by whatever happened at Libet, but is slowly healing as nature takes it back.

Flanking the biggest channel river on the continent is the Carus territory. Grassy plains and vast stretches of beaches line the coast of the strait, and the deeper waters of the lake mean the area is home to the most diverse underwater life in all of Nostos.

To the North-East is the Sugar Kingdom, named for its massive forests of trees that bleed a liquid sugary substance. The abundance of sustenance, while not diverse, attracts a huge amount of wildlife, and so the forests are crawling with large populations of woodland creatures. Just below is Saravierre, home to far more typical trees, as well as a castle called Ivera, which is still unknown to residents.

There is also Hanaria, the largest region in Nostos. It ranges from plains to woods to tropical jungle towards the Eastern coast, with the darkest part surrounding the Dark Jungle. It is also home to the mysterious God's Bile Strand, a strange dimensional rift.

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atlas maps and text by Jenn