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If you wish to reserve a character, please comment here using the following form:

Reserved characters will be held for a period of one week. If you need an extension, simply reply to your comment with your request and we will grant you one more week to submit your application. No more than one person may reserve a specific character.

Comments are deleted when they expire. If your reserve expires on the 1st, then it will be deleted on the 1st. If you wish to extend, please reply BEFORE the expiry date. If your comment has already been deleted, simply recomment.

You may reserve up to two characters at one time.

You are allowed a maximum of two extensions for your reservation.

If you wish to change your reserve, please comment to let us know you are removing your previous reserve. Then create a brand new reserve comment with the new character information.

PLEASE DO NOT SPAM THIS PAGE. While we don't mind a few celebratory comments, take it to AIM after a comment or two, please!