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What is a hiatus?

A hiatus is a break from roleplaying, typically when one either cannot access or is too busy to participate in Paradisa.

How long can I be away?

We ask that regardless of circumstances, if you must be away for longer than two months, that you drop. It’s only fair for other people interested in playing the character, and you can always pick them up again if they are still free when you get back.

We do not accept "indefinite" hiatuses or vague dates. Hiatus requests need to have at the very least 'end of the month' or 'beginning of next month' or something along those lines stated.

What happens if my hiatus is longer than anticipated or I was unable to ask for an extension?

If you are returning to Paradisa off of a hiatus that has extended longer than you anticipated, please contact a moderator, so we can double-check that you're still interested in playing with us and haven't been swept. It is your responsibility to ensure that we know that you've been away longer than expected.

Will I be exempt from the monthly activity check?

  • If you've been on hiatus for seven (7) days or more during the month, one entry is excusable.
  • If you've been on hiatus for the entire month, you are excused from activity.
  • Characters introduced into the game after the fifteenth (15th) of a month are excused from the activity check for that month.

If your hiatus is less than seven (7) days, you will still be required to present full activity.

May I submit an official "slowatus"?

A slowatus is a term coined by players to let others know that their replies will be slow due to various circumstances. It is not a replacement for an official hiatus. Slowatuses do not excuse players from meeting the activity check, and will not be accepted on this page.

If you're going on hiatus, please fill out the following:

If you need an extension, just fill out the form again, adding the time onto your original request. You may request a maximum of a month off at a time. Special circumstances that require longer must be cleared through a moderator first.

Thank you!

policies updated 11/20/2013
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