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The following are items that must be submitted for mod approval:

  • Destruction of the castle itself, castle grounds, forest, etc.
  • Anything that will result in physical harm/death to others and/or townspeople
  • Major, castle-wide plots, including but not limited to world changes
  • Minor plots that affect or can potentially affect more than a cast/small group
  • Expeditions, as well as plots/changes pertaining to the world plot/world beyond

The following are items that do not require mod approval:

  • Blowing up the microwave
  • Minor contained castle damage: breaking furniture, walls, light fixtures (anything that doesn't affect the entirety of the castle grounds)
  • Small, opt-in parties, gatherings, or weddings
  • Temporary losses that do not affect the majority of the castle

If you'd like to request a character update (canon bumps/restarts/loss changes/deaths), please see our character update page.

To go through with a plot, please reply to this entry with the following information: