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Do you have a question about the game? Check our FAQ below to see if there's an answer!


My character has a "sixth sense"/special ability. What might my character notice about the castle that a normal human may not?
First of all, the castle is most certainly conscious –– it can't really think in any linear fashion, nor can characters understand its "language" or thought process, but it is certainly there, a deep and looming presence encapsulating all of Paradisa.

Paradisa has no appearance, no visual "identity" beyond the whole of the castle, but its most palpable trait is that it can influence those who live on it, and it enjoys taking full advantage of that ability. What it needs most in order to continue existing are the memories, hopes, dreams, desires, precious things and emotions; it not only needs them, it relishes in taking them.

Is there any kind of currency in Paradisa?
Yes. The currency used in the city is known as the Caiso. It has no known exchange rate.

Can characters share a room together?
The Castle is happy to accommodate. Feel free to note this on the New Characters page and amendments will be made.

What if a character refuses to live in their room in the castle?
The Castle does not force residents to live under its roof specifically, but it certainly doesn't like to give incentives to leave, so moving out can pose some problems. First of all, the Castle has amenities that the city does not, like running water, plumbing, electricity and climate control. (No one was kidding when they said it was medieval.) Second, properties in the city are not free, and the castle won't pay for residents to live outside its walls: money must be earned, and most work available in the city is manual labour or skill-based. Third, Paradisa owns its residents regardless of where they choose to live within its borders… living in the city will not spare residents all the effects of the Castle's power, though it certainly gives them the illusion that they can escape.

Alternately, residents can build their own properties. Curiously, Paradisa will provide materials and tools for this (within moderation), but mostly only because it knows few residents have the expertise and patience to erect a livable property… and even then, good luck with those amenities!

Even if residents do not live in the room assigned to them in the castle, they will still have a room with a nameplate.

Can residents alter the nameplates on their doors?
Each room belonging to a resident has a nameplate stating who the room belongs to. While they can be removed or damaged, they will simply reappear within a span of a few hours.

What if my character wants to find a job?
If a character would like to find a job, they can seek employment from fellow residents that currently own businesses, or they are free to find a job in the city. There is no official process for this.


What happens if a resident dies?
When characters die, they stay dead for two weeks and acquire an additional permanent loss. The body will remain in Paradisa until the moment they are brought back to life, wherein the body will be repaired. As such, it is inadvisable for residents to bury bodies, lest the dead be revived and trapped underground.

While dead, a resident will experience the cold, numbing emptiness of death. There is no concept of time, nor any foreseeable escape... just Paradisa stitching one's body and soul back together, but keeping a little for itself.

Can the characters ever regain what they lost when they came to Paradisa?
Officially, no. It remains lost forever; the world essentially ate it. Unofficially, who knows? If anyone ever comes up with a plausible plot reason for the characters to get their prices back, things may change.

But as far as anyone knows, the characters' precious things are lost to the ravenous void at the heart of Paradisa.

Losses can be changed if a character dies, pending mod approval.

If a character lost the memory of a person or a specific thing, yet there are other people close to this character who still know of that same person/thing, can the character be told about the person/thing again?
They can. But they'll never recall the exact memories of that person/thing that they had before. In the case of losing memories of a person, the character's relationship with that person will never be quite the same again — it may become similar, but it'll "feel" different.

What happens if a character is dropped?
Paradisa kicked them out –– perhaps something about them left a bad aftertaste, or it saw a better potential for them elsewhere. Sometimes residents are returned home, and other times they are sent elsewhere in the world of Paradisa.

Upon leaving Paradisa entirely, the character has their loss returned to them. If they return, they may have an entirely different loss, but they usually remember nothing about their prior experiences in Paradisa. On infrequent occasions, a returning character may recall their previous stay, but they will have to face an additional permanent loss upon their return.

What is happening when a character is taken from another game?
Many residents are aware that Paradisa has a tendency to dabble in different locations and timelines; as far as they know, Paradisa is borrowing residents from other "castles." Spooky.

Can I apply for a non-human character?
Paradisa is not picky about its residents! Often times, residents can be aliens, animals, and races of all kinds. You do not need to make your character "humanized" when applying, but keep in mind that Paradisa eats "souls". If a character doesn't have a human-like sentience, Paradisa has no business with them! Animal, robotic, or otherwise non-human characters must demonstrate independent thought and the ability to communicate/understand.

What if I want to apply for a nameless character?
If you wish to play an unnamed protagonist, or someone who is not directly referred to by a specific name, you will have to come up with a name for them. (Or you may have their name become their loss!)

Can I use samples from a previous application for my Paradisa application?
As long as the sample provides us with a good idea of your grasp of the character, we allow you to use previously written pieces. For setting, we prefer something that is set in canon (but not an existing scene), or set in Paradisa.

Do I need to list weapons in the Abilities section of the application?
Please list any items that are supernatural or otherwise extraordinary in nature.

What if I want to change my character's journal?
Reply to the New Characters page with updated information and request to join the communities with the new journal.

If you simply wish to rename, a simple notice to the community will suffice.

What is the difference between "Canon AU" and simply "AU?" Can I apply for an AU character?
"Canon AUs" are published AUs. For example, DC Comics dabbles in a lot of canon AUs, such as an Earth where all the characters are evil. Because it appears in published material related to the original canon, it is seen as a "Canon AU", so someone could apply as an alternate universe evil Batman or something along those lines.

However, we don't allow people to app AU versions they've made up that have no canon grounding.

Can my character recognize someone from a specific fandom?
Some characters are from Earth or some place that would otherwise know of some of the fandoms represented in Paradisa; perhaps the character is an anime enthusiast, or Superman is a pop culture figure in their world. Unfortunately, this can be frustrating for players who do not want to deal with "canon puncturing." As such, even if it is canon for your characters to know something or someone as fictional, the instant one enters Paradisa they lose all memory of specific things like that.

However, your character’s pop culture can easily be altered; perhaps instead of Superman they have some other important, iconic superhero who runs around in blue tights, and saves the world. It is simply a matter of avoiding names and keeping it to “that’s like something out of a comic book/tv show/movie I love!” instead of “you are from a comic book/tv show/movie I love!”

We do not, however, protect historical or mythological figures. Historical or mythological accounts vary so much that one character's understanding may be completely at odds with reality.

What is the difference between the main community and the logs community?
The main comm is generally intended to be interactions WITH journals, and the logs comm is interaction WITHOUT journals. Formatting choices are negligible as long as one maintains a level of consistency.

loves_osaka: (And Kudo never got lunch! Ahahaha)

[personal profile] loves_osaka 2012-01-29 09:41 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm thinking of apping a character with a particularly heavy accent, is it okay to reflect this in his first person sample?
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[personal profile] crux_ofmylife 2012-04-03 09:53 pm (UTC)(link)
I have a character question (which... doesn't apply to this character; I'm just logged in with him) for one of the characters I'm thinking of bringing here.

In canon, he's about 50. We learn about his childhood and his history and what he was like, and I like to play him from childhood. We get a lot of detail about this particular time in his life because it is plot relevant to the third book in the series.

Can I take him from that point or is that considered an AU by your rules?

scienderp: (Default)

[personal profile] scienderp 2012-04-26 09:22 pm (UTC)(link)
If a character is say, over 37 feet tall, do they have to be sized down?
sixguns: (stolen)

[personal profile] sixguns 2012-05-09 05:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi! Is there a template for a permissions post? I've seen a few, and they seem to have the same basic layout.

Thanks :)
legacydeck: (Default)

Application Question

[personal profile] legacydeck 2012-08-06 04:50 am (UTC)(link)
With the changes to allow a link in lieu of a first-person sample - are there any restrictions on link source? ie, are threads from DRs/d_m/etc okay as long as they're still IC?
remembermeandrun: (typity type)

[personal profile] remembermeandrun 2012-09-19 12:01 am (UTC)(link)
What if a character's died in canon? Do you have to take them from before their death, or can you take them from afterwards?
geraldinesroses: (Default)

[personal profile] geraldinesroses 2012-10-20 11:01 pm (UTC)(link)
If I were to play a character at a canon point where she is pregnant, would she still be pregnant in Paradisa?
alifeenchanted: (Gryffindor Flynn)

[personal profile] alifeenchanted 2012-10-23 03:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Okay, I think I kind of have the answer to this one, but I want to make sure:

Non-human characters who, in canon, can not be understood by most/any humans. They can be applied but do not gain the ability to speak human language? Or... I'm actually not sure if we have a speaking-but-not-speaking-to-humans example in the game, now that I think about it.
lipstickstains: (And taste the stardust in my mouth)

[personal profile] lipstickstains 2012-11-04 06:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Are silent protagonists allowed? Characters like the Pokémon game player characters or from short animations if they show sufficient personality?

(no subject)

[personal profile] lipstickstains - 2012-11-05 00:21 (UTC) - Expand
wizard_redfive: (Neutral)

[personal profile] wizard_redfive 2013-01-11 07:48 am (UTC)(link)
If you have a tiny character, do they get the normal-sized journal or one that fits their own height?
heloise: (& / coin)

[personal profile] heloise 2013-02-12 04:32 am (UTC)(link)
When a character leaves the castle, how soon will their room revert to default? Thanks!
connecticut: (Default)

[personal profile] connecticut 2013-03-26 11:48 pm (UTC)(link)
I want to app a character who does not talk but who writes at a limited level of ability. Though i expect her writing ability to increase quickly, I was wondering if it is acceptable to app her and if so, what to do with the first person sample.
pitseleh: clearly. (do i dazzle u)

[personal profile] pitseleh 2013-03-27 02:13 am (UTC)(link)
i looked for the answer to this question but god knows i could have missed it. how long must one wait, after apping one character, to app another? is there a respectable mourning period to observe or is it totally up in the air, do what you gotta? thnx 4 ur time, and i'm sorry if i missed this info elsewhere, xoxo.
deductiongeek: (paying attention)

[personal profile] deductiongeek 2013-03-30 02:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Second question of the day!

For canon updates. If a character goes through physical changes during their canon update. Like, say, if they were injured or suddenly aged dramatically. Would the physical changes stay when they woke up at back at the castle? Wondering since they don't physically leave the castle for a canon update.

(Anonymous) 2013-04-15 02:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Sorry if these seem like stupid questions or if they aren't the kind of questions you want.

1) How are people with secret identities usually handled in Paradisa? Like if Bruce Wayne shows up does he usually tell people he's Batman (probably not) and does he ever act as Batman and not as Bruce Wayne? I know you probably can't answer that but at least a general answer about what people usually do would be nice.

2) One of the characters I am thinking about applying for is a character that has been in several incarnations. There is the original book series, some movies, etc. If I were to base the character on one of the movies, would it be justified for me to take some of the background information from, say, the books? Obviously the movie didn't totally follow the book and left out a lot.

I hope the questions made sense...

(Anonymous) 2013-04-18 03:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Would there be any way for a character to post an anonymous message in the journals? Or do the journals always record exactly who writes in them?
takethat: Phoenix as he usually appears--bright eyes, happy smile. (Default)

[personal profile] takethat 2013-07-11 07:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Is it possible for me to reapply as Phoenix here without bringing him back as a returning character? I want to play him again, but with none of his previous castle memories, if possible--just a clean slate.
Thanks, mods :)
gottheballs: (airborne firebreather)

[personal profile] gottheballs 2013-10-15 08:09 pm (UTC)(link)
I have a question about the journal system used in-game. As Bofur is a miner and has no use for books, I headcanon that he cannot read or write, or he knows very little of it and it would be a struggle for him. I was thinking that perhaps someone in game could teach him how to read, but until that point, how would the journals work for him?
radiantwingedone: (Default)

[personal profile] radiantwingedone 2013-11-18 07:50 am (UTC)(link)
Realizing things about habits that don't come up in fiction as often as they ought to-

Whenever I look at things in Paradisa, it seems to imply that catching sick isn't a thing that happens. Is this true, or is this something that people just don't usually want to play out?

If this is true, is it true for someone who has more or less trashed their immune system via sleep deprivation?
maddiehatter: (what about the tea?)

[personal profile] maddiehatter 2013-12-05 12:02 am (UTC)(link)
Sorry if there's already something on this, but what about characters stuck in wheelchairs? Is there anything to help them get around with stairs and such?

Edit: ah, and characters arrive with things they've got on them, but you sit in a wheelchair, so would it come with or would the character be without it?
Edited 2013-12-05 00:05 (UTC)
bow_of_the_galadhrim: (Default)

[personal profile] bow_of_the_galadhrim 2014-01-18 07:19 am (UTC)(link)
Can I use an alternate account for a child loss (since I can't afford to add icons to this account right now) and how would I go about doing that, if I can?
happymemories: (Default)

[personal profile] happymemories 2014-01-29 08:29 am (UTC)(link)
If a character comes from a point in canon where they appear sickly/extremely malnourished to the point of great sickness do they still arrive in that state or are they revived to a more healthier state?

I hope that makes sense!
loveshead: (In thought)

[personal profile] loveshead 2014-02-21 03:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Please don't mind the character journal. I don't have a personal one on DW.

Can characters who have had previous stints in Paradisa read back in the journal archives to their entries, even if OOC they were played by different muns, or do entries written by previous incarnations get erased in game canon by default? I've thought about bringing back an old character from time to time, and while I like the idea of the "new" version reading back to what the "old" one was up to, I wasn't sure if that was possible or allowed.

bodilesswarrior: (Default)

[personal profile] bodilesswarrior 2014-02-24 07:53 am (UTC)(link)
I know powers can't be carried from one game to another, but what about learned skills, or knowledge? (For example - in her current game, Barbara has learned to swordfight and speak Gallifreyan.)
toallmen: (Default)

[personal profile] toallmen 2014-03-09 03:42 am (UTC)(link)
Hello there! I tried checking your game FAQ and didn't see the answer to this question so I'd thought I'd check here. For characters who are able to resurrect others, would that ability be disabled in Paradisa or would it not matter as the revival system would take their souls faster than the character would be able to revive them? Thanks.

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